During King Louis XIV’s 72- year reign over seventeenth century France, the Royal Court commissioned the expansion of the Palace of Versailles. Their investments in art, furniture and textile and clothing design, clothing, craft of every kind instigated a revolution in France. Cultural and aesthetic pursuits flourished. The country became a leader in exports, elevating the quality of goods on a global scale. The Palace of Versailles transformed from hunting lodge to an epicenter of culture—one with a extravagant dress code, of course.

Before branding Lé Court, I noticed a similar shift in Portland, Oregon—a newfound respect for craft and quality. While the interest and progressive attitude was there, a home for forward-thinking menswear was not. I concepted Lé Court and ushered it into existence: a storefront that challenged Portland’s resistance to elevated aesthetics and respected the city’s appreciation for craftsmanship. Shortly after, the space became a center for the fashion-minded community in Portland, a home and a meeting place for the sartorial.