I watched the design of my girlfriend's handbag cause her to collect clutter and I couldn't bare to watch any longer. Her birthday was coming up and I decided to design, pattern, and construct a handbag that would prove to keep her organized. I partnered up with Colton Helfrecht of Bespoke Accessories Group, who helped me put the bag together.
The silver hardware shines off the black leather and hosts a beige canvas lining durable enough for the outdoors. The bright interior allows more light into the bag and easier access to her belongings. There are four pockets on the inside and one on the outside. Two of them are equipped with Riri M4 zippers. The bag is seen closed with a mag snap on the inside and two sets of snaps on the inner fold of the bag. Finally, one of the pockets is stamped in silver with a quote that my dad always told me -  "A place for everything, & everything in it's place."